Belgium, Beer, and Waffles

My best friend and I both left the United States at the same time, but as I landed in France she landed in Brussels, Belgium. It was safe to say that before I had time to settle into my new home, we were already planning when to see each other next!

(For the record, it was the next month for a Major Lazer show ^_^)


Here are some highlights from my last trip to Brussels.

1. Brunch

My friends and I began our day on the hunt for food. Sorry to say, but Europeans just don’t do brunch like Americans! To go from french toast, fried chicken, and eggs benedict to an assortment of bread and jams just crushed my brunch-loving soul. So imagine my surprise when my friend said she knew a place with great brunch food: Peck 20. I was skeptical, but hungry so we went for it. Immediately, we fell in love with the menu. Waffles galore! I scanned the menu and knew exactly what I had to order…

Waffles, Fried Chicken, Bacon, Poached Eggs, Cheese, and Beer

2. Beer

If you ever get a chance to visit Brussels, you just have to check out Delirium Cafe. The beer selection is out of this world. You’ve got 2000+ beers to choose from at Delirium, with each floor offering different options! But whether you’re coming here mid-day for a break (like we did) or at night to start your fun, you’ll find a beer to fit your taste. And if you’re not a beer drinker, they’ve got other alcoholic options for you.

Delirium Cafe decor: oversized bottle caps

3. Waffles (again)

After having Beer at Delirium, we became slightly hungry so we walked a few minutes to Grand Place where we were met with back-to-back-to-back waffle shops. (Trust me, you can’t miss them as they will be next to Brussels’ infamous Manneken Pis.) In addition to beer, Belgium is known for their waffles and we couldn’t leave Brussels without having some. 

The waffle base at these shops starts at 1 euro and the price increases depending on the toppings you pick. I prefer mine with white chocolate ice cream and speculoos, but for the fruit lovers out there, there are plenty healthier options to pick from as well.


4. Cinquantenaire 

Now, I’ve visited Brussels several times and everyday I’ve encountered rain, wind, and no sunshine. Depressing, isn’t it? Except for one lucky evening. We were walking back to my friend’s apartment, which happened to be a couple minutes from Parc du Cinquantenaire and we witnessed the beauty of the sun setting just behind the Arc. If you have some time in Brussels, this is a nice park to visit right in the middle of the city. 


Other places worth visiting:

  • Place du Luxembourg (or Place Lux as locals call it): a square located in front of the European Parliament. This is the place to BE on Thursday nights! Place Lux is lined up with bars, each atmosphere set by the music they’re playing. You wanna hear reggae? They’ve got you covered. Electro? Yup, that too! All that matters is you’ve got young professionals drinking and dancing, guaranteeing a good time!
  • Atomium: I walked past this monument while heading to the Harry Potter exhibit nearby (die hard fan here), but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to go up to see panoramic views of Brussels. Should be worth a visit!
  • Maison Antoine: located in Place Jourdan, this is a Brussels landmark very popular for selling yet another Belgium delicacy: frites

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