Château Hotel in Normandy: Stay at Chateau du Landin, a Dreamy French Castle

Have you ever wanted to stay in a château hotel in France? Consider a stay at the Château du Landin in Normandy. This château hotel offers you an authentic experience in a castle, breathtaking views, hospitable staff and access to several amenities, all at a reasonable price.

Château du Landin is a 2 hour drive from Paris and 30 minutes from Rouen, making for a short and sweet escape from the city. The château sits on a hill along the Seine River, providing you with the most beautiful backdrop to sit back, relax, and enjoy the serenity of it all. 

I stumbled upon this château while planning a week-long road trip through Normandy. I planned to visit Mont Saint Michel, Caen, Honfleur, and Étretat – talk about ambitious! After I researched endless châteaux hotels that were within budget, I knew that Château du Landin was where I wanted to stay.

I loved my stay at the Château du Landin for these 4 reasons, and I believe you will too:

  1. The landscape
  2. Its authenticity
  3. The staff
  4. The seclusion

1. Château du Landin’s breathtaking landscape 

Out of everything I could have possibly researched about this château hotel before booking a stay (and I searched a lot!), I was most captivated by the stunning views.

The château sits on 50 hectares, and is protected by a secured gate. If you book a stay here, you will receive the code to unlock the gate just before your expected arrival date. 

As you drive up to the château, you’ll notice that it sits on the edge of a big field shared with their private villas (also available to book) and a horse’s field. However, it’s what sits behind the château that is truly spectacular. At just a short walk from the car park, Château du Landin’s backyard is guaranteed to stun you!

In just a few steps, you’re standing on the edge of a hill overlooking the Seine River, endless fields, and a few farmhouses. I must admit that the original owners of the château really understood how to maximize the space. The view could really make you feel like you are in a dream. 

As you explore the grounds, you will soon discover the outdoor jacuzzi. Although slightly hidden behind some bushes, the view from the jacuzzi makes for a serene experience. If you’re not in the mood to get into the jacuzzi, Château du Landin provides outdoor lounge chairs and sun-beds so you could still enjoy the panoramic views.

2. Château du Landin’s authenticity

Staying at the Château du Landin means you’ll be sleeping in an authentic castle. The castle is fitted with many bedrooms, a game room, dining rooms, and more.

The guest rooms

The staircase leading you up to the second floor is lined with red carpet, marbled walls, and paintings. It’s not until you make your way to your room that you begin to notice personal and intimate decor. 

The hallways leading you to the bedrooms highlight family photographs, but my favorite decor just might be the top hats they’ve added as lamp shades. If you ask me, they give off Alice in Wonderland vibes!

Château du Landin has 6 rooms in the castle and 2 private villas on the property available for a stay. The six rooms each have their own theme (white, beige, rose, green, grey, and round), and are fitted with one double bed.

The two private villas are ideal for large parties. One villa has 3 double beds. The other, larger villa is fitted with 2 double beds and 6 twin size beds.

We stayed in the grey room, which goes for 130€ in August but starts at 110€ in the off season. It wasn’t until we arrived and asked around that we discovered the grey room actually belonged to the son of the family.

All the windows in the grey room face out of the back of the château, offering you the sunrise in the mornings and a view of the Seine River flowing through the villages at the bottom of the hill.

The common rooms

As a guest staying at Château du Landin, you have access to many rooms which each serve a different need.


Oh yes. Château du Landin has a game room, but more importantly, they’ve got a pool table! The game room is open day and night, which is super convenient for you as a guest. Nightlife in this part of Normandy is relatively non-existent. This makes having a ‘night in’ playing pool very appealing.

A room in a château with pink walls and a billiards table in the center. The billiards table is surrounded by red couches.
The billiards room in Château du Landin is painted pink!


Château du Landin has two dining areas: one room with multiple, small tables for an intimate setting, and another larger room.

From the main foyer, the first dining room you will access is the large one. As you enter, you get the impression that this room was historically used for family meals. The room is decorated with paintings, antique artefacts, and a gold-framed mirror hanging above the mantelpiece (my favorite).

Each morning, breakfast is served in the large dining room. As part of the complimentary breakfast, you’ll have your pick from their selection of coffee, tea, juices, fresh baked bread, meats, fruits, yogurt, cereal, cheeses, and a la carte eggs.

The second dining room is a smaller room, and is arranged to offer a more intimate setting to the château’s guests. The dining room is available all day, so you can choose to enjoy your meals here. If you don’t want to be indoors, there are also tables outside to enjoy breakfast under the sun.


The final common area that I want to highlight in this article is Château du Landin’s fitness room. You will find that the fitness room is located upstairs near the bedrooms. While Château du Landin’s fitness room isn’t as big and modern as most gyms you find in hotel chains, it is just the right size for the number of guests staying there. And, whether or not you like using the gym, there is a sauna and hot tub right there in the fitness room!

3. The staff at Château du Landin

No matter how amazing an accommodation is, or what amenities they offer, there is no denying that the attitudes and behavior of the staff can make or break your experience. Fortunately, the staff at Château du Landin consistently went above and beyond for each guest! And, this is why I am highlighting them in this article.

You are treated with exceptional hospitality from the moment you check in to the time you drive off the property. Their smiles are warm, and I found them to be always willing to help. To give an example, there was a time where I could not figure out how to work the outdoor jacuzzi! It was the morning of check-out and I wanted one last moment of relaxation before hitting the road. I was able to locate a staff member nearby, and so I asked for assistance. She was extremely helpful,  kind, and easy to talk to.

When we stayed at the Château du Landin during high season, all the rooms were full. Even if this is the case during your stay, you will always feel looked after.

The staff were very personable during our stay. We spoke to a few of them – some who know the château’s owners personally and some who were hired to manage the upkeep.

To enjoy your stay a bit more, I recommend taking the time to speak to some of staff. You’ll learn fun facts about the château and the surrounding area. Likewise, you have the opportunity to learn more about the family.  We had the pleasure of speaking with a staff member who is a family friend, and who works at the château during the summer. We learned more about the château and its rooms, especially the parts not accessible to the guests.

4. The seclusion

One major reason I couldn’t get enough of my stay at Château du Landin was the seclusion.

The sun rises behind the Seine River making for a gorgeous view as you enjoy breakfast at Château du Landin.

The château is located in a beautiful countryside, away from the hustle and bustle you would normally find in a town. I couldn’t get enough! Staying here proved to be a great end to a week-long road trip through Normandy.

If you wouldn’t mind a couple of days in the countryside and soaking up the view in an outdoor jacuzzi, then I really recommend staying at Château du Landin!

For the price of your room, Château du Landin offers the following amenities:

  • Breakfast
  • Bicycle rental
  • Billiards room
  • Indoor and outdoor jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Fitness equipment
  • Wifi

Things to keep in mind for your stay at Château du Landin

  • Check-in before 9pm. The staff finish their shift for the day at 10pm. 
  • Breakfast is complimentary, but you will have to pay for other meals at the château. There are also restaurants available to you in nearby towns. 
  • You will need a car. There is no access to public transportation.

If you’re searching for a château hotel in Normandy which won’t break the bank, then I really recommend Château du Landin. The view, the welcoming staff, and the ambiance will surely make it an experience you won’t forget!


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