Visit La Ronronnerie, a Cat Café in the Heart of Nice

Bonjour, mes amis! I want to share with you my experience of visiting La Ronronnerie, a cat café located in the heart of Nice, France. If you love cats and coffee, this is the place for you. You can enjoy a delicious brunch, lunch, or afternoon treats while being invaded by some adorable felines. Sounds purr-fect, right? Let me tell you more about this amazing place so you can visit when you are in the south of France.

La Ronronnerie is home to the first (and only) cat café in Nice. I’ve never visited a cat café before, but when I saw there was one located in Nice, I thought “I must visit this place!“.

When I went online to look up this cat café, I visited La Ronronnerie’s website to discover how many cats the café has at that time. The site also introduces you to each cat so you can get to know each of their personalities!

It’s important to note that as a cat café, all customers who visit La Ronronnerie must always respect the cats and follow the café’s instructions on the do’s and don’ts when interacting with these adorable felines.

Because La Ronronnerie is a cat café, you should expect that these cats run the place! As soon as you walk in, you’ll see instantly that the café has been adapted for them. There are several furniture pieces set up on the floor, walls, and ceiling so that the cats can move freely, jumping around the café, and even laying out in mid-air observing everything and everyone around them.

Some of the wall furniture are positioned just above where La Ronronnerie’s customers sit and dine, so it’s likely that the cats will jump on your seat or table in order to access them.

When to visit Nice’s cat café

La Ronronnerie is open 4 days a week from Wednesday to Saturday. Being a café, you’ll find their menu serves up both sweet and savory dishes whether you’re visiting for breakfast, lunch, or afternoon treats.

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If cats are not your thing, then obviously you wouldn’t want to visit La Ronronnerie. However, if you don’t mind being surrounded by cats and their occasional need to invade your personal space, then I say come visit La Ronronnerie, Nice’s cat café, for a meow-velous time!


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